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Top Reasons You Hire Photo Magic of Florida for Your Events Photo Booth Rentals.

Are you looking for a gloriously and marvelously creative way to spice up the entertainment in your party or any social event? If yes, then your best bet would be hiring Photo Magic of Florida to grace your party with their thrillingly fun-filled photo booths. Admittedly, the sensational craze of taking photos have led to the popularity of renting photo booths in parties and many social events. If there is a company that vividly knows the score in adding the electrifying fun flavor of photo booths in parties and social events, then it must be Photo Magic of Florida. If you are wondering why, you will get the answers from the following reasons as to why you should hire Photo Magic of Florida for your events;

State-of-the-art Photo Booths

Photo Magic of Florida profoundly knows that variety is the spice of life and, that is why they take pride in owning modernized photo booths that offer photo taking and printing variety to all your guests. With the state-of-the-art photo booths in your events, your guest will happily enjoy taking photos and have them printed either black and white or colored. The well-run modernized photo booths from Photo Magic of Florida also allow your guest to select their best shots up to 8 pictures on 2 stripes.

You will also be pleased to know that photo booths from Photo Magic Florida can fit anywhere. Hence, if you are having your party outside, in a bar, or in banquet rooms, you are assured that the photo booth will fit.

The state-of-the-art photo booths also come with some innovative options, which offer your guest creative designs on the photos they take. For example, if you are having a company party, the photo booths can ensure that all the photo taken have a design that bears the name of the company.

Hire the Best Photo Booth Rental in Florida

Competent staff

Hiring a photo booth company to rent that does not have competent staff can be a fly in the ointment in your party or any social event. Luckily, when you choose Photo Magic of Florida, you will be pleased to know that they have a team of well trained and experienced staff that are robustly dedicated to offering top-notch customer services.

When you give Photo Magic of Florida a call to enquire more about their photo booths or book for them, it will be palpably evident that their staff are well refined in how they handle your call and respond to your queries. The photo booths operators are also knowledgeable and polite, which gives them an upper hand in making sure that the photo booths run smoothly and that your guests choose the best photos before they are printed.


Nowadays, pics of successful parties and social events always find their way to the social media. Photo Magic of Florida keenly understands this phenomenon, and this is the reason their photo booths offers a variety of innovative options. One of the innovative options is the FacePlace, which allows photographs of your events to be uploaded to your favorite social media. You will also get the Digital Easel option from the photo booths, which allows your guest to select from a plethora of artistic styles to create tailored digital works of art.

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Pocket-friendly Costs

Photo Magic of Florida understands that planning and hosting a party, or a social event can be an expensive affair. This is why they make sure that you don’t have to break your bank account and offers you reasonable and competitive prices depending on the type of booth you require for your event. We have locations in the USA.

Photo Magic is your perfect company for conventions, trade shows and corporate events. Hire our booths today.
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Would you like to add a Photo Booth rental miami to a party that you are planning in the near future? There are hundreds of these businesses located throughout the nation, all of which have a wide variety of Photo Booths of all different shapes and sizes. Some of them are capable of fitting as many as eight people at one time, making it possible for large groups, or even intimate photos of just two people to be taken. The size of the Photo Booth, it’s capabilities, and the different layouts will have a bearing on the price that you will pay. It also depends upon how long you’re going to rent the Photo Booth, and how far away the get together is, in regard to the final cost. If you are in Jacksonville, Miami, etc, you might want to consider taking advantage of the Photo Booth rentals that are provided by Here is a quick overview of the Photo Booth industry, the many different types that are available, and also reasons that you should consider using for your next office party, birthday party, or any type of celebration.

What Exactly Is A Photo Booth?

Almost everyone that has been to an airport, casino, and or even at some hotels has seen a Photo Booth on the side. Most of them are designed for two people to fit comfortably within, allowing them to take funny pictures and have the pictures printed out on a wide variety of layouts. They are, in essence, a vending machine of sorts, a modern type of kiosk that is fully automated. You simply have to insert your money, or pay by credit card, and it will allow you to use the system to create those infamous vertical slide shows pictures that are printed out. They became popular years ago, and are found in most countries around the world. It’s a great way to capture memories with people that you may be visiting or vacationing with. From their humble beginnings back in the 1800s, they have come quite a long way, and you can rent Photo Booths for any occasion that is coming up. Get a photo booth rental Miami FL here.

What Is A Photo Booth Rental Business?

A Photo Booth rental business is a business that has a large assortment of Photo Booth that can be delivered to different locations. They come in many different sizes, each with their own capabilities, providing multiple backgrounds that people can use to create captivating photos. These are typically used by parties where people are having fun area it allows everyone to get silly in front of a camera. What makes them popular is that you can fit between two and eight people, sometimes more, into the Photo Booth itself, allowing people to capture a special moment in a unique and usually silly way. Get a photo booth rental Jacksonville.

What You Get With A Photo Booth Rental

When you rent a Photo Booth, there are many things that you get with each rental, and the quality and variety of the prints can vary from machine to machine. Most of them allow you to take unlimited photos, or at the very least, allowing up to 1000 shots for every event. The cameras that are used are usually professional grade, typically DSLR cameras that will take crystal-clear photos. You can hire a photo booth rental Tampa Bay Florida here. It is also possible to connect tablet computers such as an iPad so that the person that is in charge of the Photo Booth will be able to either send the picture to their main photo website, post it on Facebook, or if people have downloaded the application that is specifically designed for that Photo Booth, they can install that on their phone to download the photos that way. Additionally, depending on the package that you get, you can have access to hundreds of different patterns and backgrounds. It will ensure that everyone taking photos will be able to find something unique that caters to their own personalities, or simply background images that fit the picture itself.

How Much Do Photo Booth Rentals Cost?

Rentals typically start at about $300 for every two hours, with discounts if you go beyond that. Most companies will ask for a deposit of a minimum of $100, and for things like Facebook integration, additional fees will be added. If you want to add additional instant reprints, this is typically $50 an hour and if it is close enough to the main office of the Photo Booth rental facility, you won’t have to pay for travel time. It is possible to upload these photos to Facebook instantly once the images are taken, allowing groups to set up special Facebook pages that the operator of the Photo Booth can connect with.

What Typical Packages Include

Most of the packages that come with Photo Booth rentals across the nation, regardless of the hourly cost, will include the same features. Unlimited prints are almost always available, and if you have access to Dropbox, you can download the images there. Most of them will also email all of the photos for free. This is actually a clever tactic on the part of the owners of the company to cleverly gather email addresses that may lead to customers in the future. Everything in the Photo Booth is going to be 100% touchscreen, and it is always going to be easy to change the text, fonts, colors, and the background designs and frames that are used for all of the images that are taken. There will be an attendant with the Photo Booth in case anything goes wrong. This is very common since these individuals have to travel to the locations to begin with. There will be props available, and the ability to get prints using a state-of-the-art thermal printer that will create crystal-clear images every time. As with any business that is legitimate, they are fully licensed to do this type of work in your county or state, and they will be fully insured. Finally, there is usually no set up charge, or charge for making everything down, just a flat fee for renting the Photo Booth.

How To Find Photo Booth Rentals In Florida

If you are currently residing in Florida, and you are trying to think of a way to make your search for the best Photo Booth rental establishment much faster, the easiest way to get this done is to go on the Internet and search for them, along with the city that you are in, so that the Photo Booth rental companies pop up. They will each have different photo booths, all with different packages, giving you a lot of variables to consider before you choose the right one. The benefit of living in Florida is that it is very common for parties to be thrown, and corporate gatherings also use these devices. You can contact each company, or simply check out their website to see what they have to offer, allowing you to get a feel for what is available and also get a quote on the price. It is recommended that you do this search early because of the popularity of these units. If you are planning something, it is recommended that you do this several weeks in advance. This will give you ample time to evaluate the different businesses that offer this service, and then reserve a Photo Booth or two for the get together you are planning, so it is ready to use when the time comes.

Finding The Best Deals

One of the concerns that many people have is the cost of renting a Photo Booth, especially if they are going to get two or more. As mentioned earlier, $300 seems to be the going rate for a minimum of two hours. This rate is typically discounted when you are looking more time, or if you are renting additional Photo Booth for the same event. If you are in a larger city, you will have access to many different companies that offer this service. This means that they are going to be in competition with each other. If they are in competition, they will often promote their services with discount coupons and promo codes, allowing people to take advantage of their services for discounted prices. In some states, these companies will actually do low price matching just to get your business. It is a competitive field, now that using a Photo Booth has become so popular, and as a result of that, you can benefit from lower rental prices wherever you happen to live. Would you like a photo booth rental Tallahassee corporate company?

Top Reasons To Use A Photo Booth Rental Company

If you have a birthday party coming up for your children, a get together with classmates that have not seen each other in years or decades, or if you are in charge of a corporate party coming up, you will want to make sure that you have everything ready when the party starts, and part of the events and festivities should be a Photo Booth. There is nothing quite like one of these units to get the party going. It allows people to relax and just be silly. The more that they are able to connect with each other at the party, especially in these small areas taking pictures together, it is a great way to break any barriers down with people who really don’t like each other at work, or may simply be a way to allow you to connect with people that you really would like to know better. The invention of the Photo Booth has really played a positive role in society, allowing people to create and share memories every single year. Once you have used one, you will definitely want to use one again, and they are the perfect way to create a fun filled setting at any type of party or reunion.

Now that you know a little bit more about Photo Booth rentals, the different types that are available, and the prices that they charge, you should consider contacting if you are planning something in the next few weeks for a get together or gathering in FL. This company will be able to help you get everything ready, delivering the Photo Booth right on time. The combination of the low prices, and though variety of backgrounds and sizes of Photo Booth that are available will make your number one resource for these rentals for any party you have in mind.

Thank you for considering us for all your photobooth hire needs in Miami, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Tampa Bay FL.