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dane kollerMy name is Dane Koller, the owner of Photo Magic™. It’s always been my desire to make a difference in peoples lives. From teaching and coaching at the Middle School here in Orlando, to teaching and coaching my own kids, I love to impact everyone in a positive way. What I miss most about teaching is the relationships made with the children and parents as well as the rewards of growth and maturity brought about by my influence and instruction. In short, I miss the rewards and fruit of my labor.

However, now as the owner of Photo Magic™, I can give back a little and see many great rewards from those I’ve worked with for their events. Nothing touches my heart the most than a phone call from a bride after her honeymoon informing me that our services made their wedding! But we do so much more than just weddings.

We make every event special no matter how big or small. All we ask for is the opportunity to earn your business. I personally promise you will always be satisfied with our level of professionalism as well as quality of service. Give Photo Magic a try, it will be magical!

Dane Koller,
Photo Magic of Florida™
I have had a great opportunity through Photo Magic™ to meet and work with some of the Entertainment and Sports Industries biggest names.

See our client page to see a selected list.

Photo Booth Rental Miami FL

The Best Photo Booth Rental Miami Florida

Photo Magic of Florida has just about the best experience that can be offered for events such as class reunions, weddings, a bar or bat mitzvah, company events, birthdays and any other occasion where you want to make things more fun and festive.

Photo Magic has locations in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami, and even Pensacola which pretty well covers the state, even the panhandle. The folks at Photo Magic know that the availability of variety makes for a fun event, and that is why they offer photo booths that are so easy to use, with available printing in either black and white, or in color.

Photo Magic makes it a point to be sure that no matter how large, or how small the event might be, it is important to make the event a hit no matter what. With the origination of the company in Orlando several years ago, the company has expanded to all the major cities in Florida to become the go-to source for photo booth rentals.

The company offers different kinds of booths that give a variety of different and fun experiences such as dancehead booths, new generation booths, sketch express booths, social media booths, photozine booths (you are in a magazine), and multi-arcade booths. Many events will rent several of the different booths for one occasion.

The key to photo booths in any event is the ease of use, and the results that are derived from their use. People like a spontaneous experience where they can seize the moment and have fun, and that is exactly what Photo Magic Photo Booths of Florida offers.

If multiple photo booths are rented, there are substantial discounts on extra booths, and what a boost to the fun and variety of activities this provides.

The photo booths may be rented singly or several at a time. The varieties of prints that are available run from black and white, full color, sent to social media sites, in photo strips, as placeholders, as memory lines, with the picture hanging from a ribbon, scrap book pages.

There are infinite costumes that can be made available from period shots, to any type of event that you can imagine. The FotoZine booth is a big hit because you pictures will go on the covers of many famous magazines such as Cosmo, ESPN, Smith & Street’s Pro, Life&Style and many others.

The difference between an event that does not have a photo booth venue and one which does is like the difference between night and day. By now, people are into what photo booths are all about, and many of them will have no trouble knowing what to do, as they have experienced them before.

But when your guests experience Photo Magic Photo Booths of Florida, the tempo and the excitement of the event is multiplied tenfold. Photo Magic has had the honor of hosting events for some of the most well-known celebrities in entertainment and sports, and the same service that was offered to them will be offered to you as well.