Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

Jacksonville Photo Booth Rentals By Photo Magic of Florida

For your next Jacksonville event, whether it be a reunion, a business meeting, a wedding reception or just a great party, call Photo Magic of Florida and have a great time taking the pictures that will last you a lifetime.

Photo Magic of Florida are the experts in helping you to find the most creative uses for your party photo strops, as they have been involved in all kinds of different events. Their photo booths are easily placed anywhere in the area of the event, and they are easy to enter and utilize the modern photos technology.

Utilization of special designs to enhance the photos include memory lines, placeholders, hanging photos on a ribbon, scrap books, albums and decorative clothing.

Photo booths have added a new dimension to events and parties as they allow guests to free-wheel it in their photo taking adventures. Class reunions are great for photo booths where people you have not seen for years, are suddenly close enough to talk to and take a photo with. A photo like that will last forever.

Photos can be printed in black and white, or in color. Photo Magic of Florida has some really unique photo booth opportunities, where the photos can be printed as a high quality portrait sketch, as dance heads, Social Media booths, Fotozine booths, where your photo is the cover of your favorite magazine, the digital easel, where you become a fine oil painting and more.

Photo Booth of Florida is available all over the state of Florida in addition to Jacksonville, and no matter what area you live, or where you are hosting your event, Photo Magic of Florida will be able to accommodate you.

Quite frankly, most events are utilizing photo booths for their guests. It is a great mixer starter, where people naturally are able to visit, laugh and talk about their photos. Guest just about expect a photo booth of some kine at an event, but they won’t have had the complete experience until they experience Photo Magic of Florida in its full array of options.

Over the years, Photo Magic of Florida has hosted some big names such as the Orlando Magic, Joe Cocker, Sea World, University of Miami, McDonalds, Hooters, Playboy Radio, Disney Hollywood Studios, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more.

Why not give Photo Magic of Florida a call and set the date for your next event them as your star attraction.