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New Generation™ Photo Booths

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Photo Magic of Florida™ specializes in top of the line Photo Booth Rentals at the lowest possible prices. Miami Photo Booth Rentals, Orlando Photo Booth Rentals, Tampa Photo Booth Rentals we cover the entire state of Florida. Wedding Photo Booth Rentals, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth Rentals, Grad Party Photo Booth Rentals, Corporate Photo Booth Rentals, we have you covered. We are local, reliable, and cover the entire state of Florida including Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Central Florida…

The New Generation™ Photo ID features a digital flat panel monitor. Specialization includes customized photo borders and backgrounds, and for corporate parties, a promotional ad right on the photo strip! You will also receive after your party a PHOTO MOSAIC, which is a picture of the host/wedding party or company logo comprised of all the photos taken at the event! Too cool!

Your guests can select double sets of color or black and white photos delivered in record time and high quality. Prints are available in black and white or color

Brand your photo strips with your corporate logo, advertise a sale, promote an upcoming special event, welcome a group, create a redemption coupon and much more!

NEW! — All models now come with three (3) software programs:

Color Choices



FacePlace Photo2Go

Our Social Media Booth allows you to:

Upload all photos to the internet, email, Facebook or Twitter. We can even set up your own Facebook page and have all photos sent directly to that page.

Our Social media booth also allows for video messaging.Each message can be from :15 to 1:00 long!

Listen to your guests as they wish you the best and inform you of how great your event went!

You will also receive after your party a PHOTO MOSAIC, which is a picture of the host/wedding party or company logo comprised of all the photos taken at the event! Too cool! Check out the photo mosaic here

Theme Packages for the Social media booth include:

  • 4×6 Photos
  • Black & White Photo Strips
  • Color Photo Strips
  • Face Replacements
  • Fun Borders
  • Hair Styles
  • Holiday Borders
  • Passport Style Photos

The Digital Easel

The Digital Easel™ is an exciting way to access the fun and nostalgia of photo booths, caricatures, and Sticker Prints – all the most popular photo entertainment venues –

This booth is in an attractive and efficient format suitable for entertaining at any Event. With the Digital Easel™, we can customize the prints for your Event.

The 4 artists that can draw your picture for the Easel are Rembrandt, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo.

You can reserve a Digital Easel™ right now to ensure availability for your event date(s).


Kodak StickerPrints™ Booths

Whether you are a business owner/manager, fundraiser, or a “Specialty Leasing Agent”, for retail space, you’ll find the Kodak StickerPrints™ program to be a fun and profitable addition.

This Entertainment kiosk is basically a digital photo booth that prints out the users picture within one of 36 backgrounds (which are changed seasonally from a library of hundreds of backgrounds) they can chose from. It is bright and attractive, and takes up about half the space as traditional photo booth equipment. One of the first things you’ll notice about the Kiosk is that it is a “Kodak” – a well recognized Brand Name associated with quality.

The Booth can also be equipped with a Photosticker -Album Dispenser™, which dispenses “Albums” that kids use to collect, save, and trade their prints. This Album is helping the Kodak StickerPrints™ Kiosk cross-over and become a “destination” instead of an “impulse” purchase.

16 Stickers on a Sheet – Photo Quality Pictures 100% digital,
produced by die sublimation printer.


SketchExpress™ Booths

his exciting game-style unit kiosk creates beautiful artist quality sketches in a flash! Your guest simply sits, poses, selects a classic Portrait or Caricature and watches their sketch drawn right before their eyes!

Our patented computerized system automatically adjusts to print a horizontal or vertical portrait depending on the number of people posing.

The kiosk is easy to use and offers voice and on-screen instructions in several languages for your bilinqual guests.

The exciting advertising loop and open style seating entices your guests to sit down and try it out!

The sketch is printed on premium 5.8″ x 8.3″ paper with a border to enhance the perceived value.

Fotozine PhotoStation

Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine?! Well, the wait is over!

With our Fotozine booths, you can choose from over 20 covers. We can even customize your own cover! Each booth can print either a 4 x 6 or standing cover size 8 x 11.

Watch as Fotozines creates your cover!

The fun never stops with Fotozines!

Fotozines is a Brand New Concept.

Ask us to quote your party today!


Dance Heads Photo Booths

Innovative and Fun Party Entertainment!

Dance Heads© is a one of our items that transcends generations. All ages can enjoy the chaos and fun that is DanceHeads!

Your guest’s heads are superimposed on the dancers, and they can sing-a-Iong or just laugh and bob their heads to some great pop hits such as “I Feel Good”, “Super Freak” , “I will Survive” and many more songs. They can do it alone, or with several friends.

This is NOT Karaoke or lip-syncing. This very cool booth has completely animated effects and backgrounds.


You can take advantage of our photo booth rental service in the entire state of Florida, including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee FL.

Best Photo Booth Rentals in Jacksonville FL

Why We Are The Best Photo Booth Rental Company In Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay Florida.

We want you to be our next customer but we know that we can only make that happen if we can convince you that we are a great company. There are many things that we could say but they would all sound too cliche. We would instead like to talk about the benefits that come with renting a photo booth from us for your event in Florida. We believe that if you find value in these benefits that you are sure to consider us along with the other companies that you are looking at to rent a photo booth.

The first thing that you need to know about us is that we put the customer first. What does that really mean? Well, it is apart of our corporate culture to be the answer men for our industry. We want to know everything that there is to know and we want to be able to share it with potential customers in a way that they can easily understand and make use of. We have learned that a well informed customer is a good customer.

The second thing that we would like you to know about us is that we are well trained. We take out business serious and we promote continuing education. You can never know enough about this business or how to better serve customers. We love all types of photography and we know the power of a still image and the value of imprinting a memory. We do not rest on our experience because we have a hunger to add new skills to our toolset. So we are a company who mixes experience with a big appetite for learning. We believe this is how experts are made.

The third thing that you must know about us is that we have a great reputation in this business. How did we get that reputation? We got that reputation by doing and being the previous two things that we listed. We take a lot of pride in our reputation and we work hard to protect it. We have made plenty of people happy and have been responsible for many smiles. A photo booth is a great way to capture the energy of an event in a very personal way. We know that everyone that we talked to and the experience that they have with us is what creates our reputation and that is why we focus on being great knowledgeable communicators and on knowing all the ins and outs of our business.

The fourth thing that you have to know about us is that no one works harder than us, no one wants to meet you and service your needs more than us. We see our work as not what we just do to pay the bills but an extension of ourselves. We believe when work and self-image combine it makes for a business where a company is constantly trying to be its best. That is a lofty goal but one we come to work everyday trying to materialize.

You can probably see by now that we are a company who knows who they are and how we can help you. We hope that you also find value in these things that we find pride and purpose in. We know that we are one of the best companies to rental a photo booth from and we know that the majority of the people in the world want to do business with someone like us. We create win-wins and great experiences. Thanks for hiring Photo Magic of Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Tallahassee FL.